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Activities and Latest News

Our activities involve the support of community-based rehabilitation, educational development and community infrastructure projects in the Morogoro Region of Tanzania in close collaboration with the Amani Centre, Diocese of Morogoro and partners in Tanzania and the UK.


FOAT met four times in 2018. With the regular giving and fundraising activities, we have managed to support Amani in many different ways.

Following an application to the Anglican Communion Fund in 2017, FOAT secured a grant of £10,000 for the Ecumenical Team of Amani and Berega [Anglican Orphanage] personnel to work with families of the disabled in some of the remote areas of the Morogoro Region on a Social Entrepreneurship Project. This project began in the Spring of 2018 and built on the outreach work of 2017 in some of these villages. 

Trustees Bridget and Leslie Green reviewed the projects as part of their visit to Amani in August 2018, among other trustee visits. The below photo shows a chicken project that one of the groups has started.


Our support is centred around projects at the Amani Centre in Morogoro Town for mentally handicapped children, assistance with secondary school fees for young people and support for the destitute elderly. The professional expertise within the Friends of Amani Trustees also involves educational partnerships between British schools and university institutions with respective institutions throughout the Morogoro Region.  

Supporting the poorest members of Tanzanian society in the immediate term, whilst enhancing long term development lies at the heart of our various activities.


The Trustees' professional network in the UK and links with previous volunteers is a dynamic resource for much needed financial and professional support.  The network of support and trustee liaison spans boarders between not only Tanzania and the UK, but also the Friends of Amani in the Netherlands among others.

The Charity has five major strategies for the raising of funds and awareness:

  • Educational partnership and support 
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Harnessing the good will of UK Amani volunteers
  • Events and initiatives
  • Regular giving and gift aid

The Trustees

  • Ken Spours (Chairman)
  • Leslie Green (Treasurer)
  • Bridget Green (Secretary)
  • Catherine Swanson (resident in Tanzania to December 2018)
  • John Bullock
  • Rachel Derry
  • Edward Holden
  • Kathryn Tudor 

The Trustees meet four to five times per year and will endeavour to visit Amani Centre at least once per year either individually or in pairs. Regular communication takes place between the Charity and Amani Centre, and with the broader network of support in the Morogoro Region, which includes the Roman Catholic and Anglican Diocese of Morogoro and the universities.