Thank you for your support with our emergency appeal

On 11th December we had news of a devastating storm at the Special School at Mvomero! Luckily everyone was safe, but the damage was extensive. 

The priority has been to secure a water supply, get the kitchen up and running again. 

We asked all our supporters to help raise £3,000 and the appeal more than delivered with over £4,000 raised.


London Marathon 2019

Amy Fancourt will run for FOAT in 2019 so please sponsor her by following the link below. This follows great success by Rachel, John and Graeme for running the 26.2 miles in 2018

FOAT has a charity ballot place for the London Marathon. We have supporters who are keen to run for Amani. 

Trustee Rachel Derry completed the Marathon and along with partner, John Bullock, and Graeme Fancourt in 2018 raising over £5000. In 2019 Amy Fancourt, wife of Graeme will run. These funds all go towards continuing projects at Amani’s three sites and have supported their financial requirements and running costs.

In Memory of Helena Green


In 2017 the daughter of Bridget and Leslie Green, and former Amani Centre volunteer, Helena Green died after a long-term illness. Helena's loss brought deep sadness to all who knew her and who had travelled with her to Tanzania. 

Helena opened up Amani Centre to the admiration and benevolent potential for her parents, the other Trustees and many others. Her memory has raised thousands of pounds and the Trustees would be grateful for continued donations to Amani Centre in her name.

Fundraising Update


Following a visit to Amani in May 2018 by FOAT Associate, Barbara Bristow, funds totalling over £4,000 given in memory of Helena Green were sent to Amani for the Helena Green Memorial Project. 

The project brings together the young disabled and their families from the Morogoro area, to raise awareness of care for those with intellectual disabilities and to develop entrepreneurial skills so that these families may be better able to support themselves. 

The below two photos show business projects that two of the groups have implemented – one making beautiful beaded bags to sell, and one making cakes.


City of Bristol College (COBC)

Barbara Bristow, a retired teacher has been supporting the Amani Centre for over six years.  In that time she has raised over £10,000 for the Amani Centre.  In 2015 she raised over £4,500 towards the tractor seen above.  The tractor has increased the income from agricultural projects considerably.  Last Year she raised over £2,000 utilising FOAT's Just Giving pages.  Barbara has helped FOAT in raising funds to start the school for the hearing impaired at Amani's vocational training centre at Mvomero.  Barbara makes regular visits to Tanzania and is planning her next visit  later this Summer.  In past years she has arranged for students from COBC to visit Amani and undertake  a number of useful projects.