Please help the Amani Centre following a devastating storm

On 11th December we had news of a devastating storm at the Special School at Mvomero! Luckily everyone is safe, but the damage is extensive. 

The Special School for the Deaf at Mvomero has been working really hard to establish itself as a Government primary school.  The staff go the extra mile to support these children with hearing impairment helping them succeed at primary level.  The work they do is important... 


This unusually violent storm hit the School, destroying the kitchen, the water tanks, the cowsheds, chicken-house, and much more...  


The priority now is to secure a water supply, get the kitchen up and running again (this provides meals for 40 children and staff), as well as providing protection for the animals (these provide food for the community as well as an income).  The heavy rains are due at the beginning of February so we need to make significant progress in making repairs very quickly. 


 If you can, please help….  The JustGiving link is:




Friends of Amani Tanzania (FOAT), a UK Charity, strives to support efforts to bring relief to economically deprived families and individuals in Tanzania with a particular focus on children with mental disabilities and their carers.

Our activities involve the support of community-based rehabilitation, educational development and community infrastructure projects in the Morogoro Region of Tanzania in close collaboration with the Amani Centre, Diocese of Morogoro and partners in Tanzania and the UK.

A walk around the Amani Centre

The children playing, viewed from the Amani Hostel, Morogoro Town