Rehabilitation and campaigning


Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

The Amani Centre in Morogoro, Tanzania provides CBR to mentally handicapped youth and their parents through a Day Care facility, physiotherapy suite and home visits. The principal Amani Centre Chamwino centre in Morogoro Town has a physiotherapy suite, which has been fitted using donated funds and equipment.  The CBR team conduct home visits to households to provide care to a disabled child and support the parent's understanding of the cause and care requirements of the disability.

Campaigning by Amani Awareness Group

The core CBR activities and broad work of Amani Centre Morogoro are backed up by a team of staff and volunteers, and particularly Amani Centre Awareness Group. The Awareness Group voice the rights and capabilities of the disabled in Tanzania and in the surrounding communities of Morogoro Town.  The Awareness Group perform poetry, dance, songs and drama to illustrate the causes of disability, highlight common ignorance's and misunderstanding, and highlight the rights and capabilities of disabled people.

YouTube videos to illustrate the range of CBR activities

These recordings will provide a glimpse of the CBR activities and environment in which many dedicated people deliver the life saving community service.

Amani Centre Daycare Assembly

Day Care; personal care skills

Day Care; personal exercise

Amani Awareness Group Dancing

Amani awareness group drama

A young physiotherapy client

Parents learning physio care

Day Care kids playing

Home time after day care