Urgent News Regarding Entering Tanzania - Plastic Bag Ban

As of June 2019 the United Republic of Tanzania has introduced a ban on plastic bags, which also effects people entering the country who may intend to use plastic bags in their luggage. If entering the country by air, land or sea, being in possession of a plastic bag, including those in check-in bags, could result in a fine. Tourists are urged to remove plastic bags from luggage before arriving in the East African nation now the rules have come into effect.


Enquire with Amani Centre

Many people with different skills and abilities have visited the Amani Centre from many countries either individually or in groups of volunteers and supporters. 

To enquire about volunteering with the Amani Centre and to find out how you may be able to offer your support, please follow this link and fill out the online contact form;   

(web-link temporarily unavailable as of March 2019. This issue has been raised with Amani Centre)


Contact Friends of Amani Tanzania UK

Specific arrangements for volunteering should be communicated via the link.

We also request that people planning a volunteer placement at Amani Centre of any duration liaise directly with the Chair of Trustees of Friends of Amani Tanzania, Professor Ken Spours.  Please emailing him at K.Spours@ucl.ac.uk

Ken has been a frequent visitor to Amani Centre as part of professional commitments in Tanzania.

Although Friends of Amani Tanzania does not offer formal advice to enquiring volunteers, some of the trustees have themselves been volunteers and can offer guidance and tips on how you may prepare to go to Tanzania, and what skills and ethics are particularly welcomed by Amani Centre in particular. 

For further information on the diversity of skills and experience of previous volunteers, and for further queries please email;


Essential documents for volunteers

Volunteers are asked to read the following documents and familiarise themselves with the Visa requirements which particularly include both the 'tourist' and 'Conducting Temporary Assignment' (CTA) visas.  Both can be arranged and purchased when in Tanzania.

  • Code of Conduct and Guidelines for volunteers (2017).  Essential Visa information can be found in the appendix at the end of this document.

It is highly recommended that inquiring volunteers research what they need thoroughly and this can include approaching past volunteers directly or via the Facebook webpages (see 'useful links' page). 

A young physiotherapy client with a care worker